Streaming has become a
significant source of income for artists of all sizes.

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The Basics

Whether fans watch videos on your channel or use your music in their own content, the views are happening on YouTube.

INDMUSIC is YouTube's Largest Music Network, working with independent musicians, labels, and content creators to better monetize their YouTube views without sacrificing creative control or rights to their content.

If you are already creating great content or have never uploaded a video, by partnering with INDMUSIC, you gain access to all the tools necessary to dominate the YouTube platform. Here's how:


We use best practices in channel strategy and content delivery to grow and maintain your audience. Through proprietary Content ID query technology, we find more uses of your music in user generated content (UGC).


Advanced demographic and engagement reports are nothing new to us. Coupled with a thorough, constant analysis of feedback on key search terms, we can dramatically increase your visibility.


With premium advertising and product placement within your content, we will maximize your revenue. We also administer Master and Publishing Rights to generate additional income from unlicensed third party uses.

The results speak for themselves, though we're
sure our partners would be happy to elaborate.

Oh yeah?

3.9 Million+ Network Subscribers

3.5 Billion+ Network Views

300 Million Monthly Views

1800 Channel Partners

There's been some press.
Quite a bit of it, in fact.

What are they saying?
The Company That Monetized the `Harlem Shake’

The Company That Monetized the `Harlem Shake’

“... instead of people just putting [these videos] on the internet and everybody watching it and it not meaning anything for the actual artist economically, [INDMUSIC] changed that equation.”

My Day: Brandon Martinez, Co-Founder/CEO of INDMUSIC

My Day: Brandon Martinez, Co-Founder/CEO of INDMUSIC

“INDMUSIC… had a big breakout earlier this year by helping Mad Decent monetize Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” on YouTube, claiming copyright to the thousands of fan-generated videos that flooded YouTube and made “Harlem Shake” a Billboard Hot 100 No. 1.”

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YouTube CertifiedINDMUSIC was founded in 2011 by Brandon Martinez and Jon Baltz. INDMUSIC is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY

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